Effective Land Planning by Life Stage

By Sidney Pell, Manager, Consumer and Product Insights

Are you sick and tired of making multi-million dollar educated guesses about what amenities will be most popular in your master-planned community? Here are some findings from our large consumer survey that will help you build and locate the right parks in the right locations.

  • Pocket parks provide the best bang for your buck across all buyer profiles. 53% of all buyers want pocket parks.
  • Children’s play parks make sense only near the communities targeted to young families. 77% of young families want a children’s play park, which is much higher than the 41% of young couples who presumably are planning for kids in the future.
  • Build a dog park near the communities targeted to those without children. Households without children are more likely to prefer a dog park than households with children.
  • A large central park makes the most sense if you are building a community for young families. Only 29% of all buyers want a central park, ranging from 19% of active adults to 45% of young families.
Sidney Pell
Manager, Consumer and Product Insights

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