Epcon Builds in the Exurbs

Epcon Communities meets the needs of the 55+ buyer in the greater Charlotte area, highlighting convenience and efficiency.

By Julia Edinger

There is a widespread need to accommodate the housing needs of the growing 55+ population. Numerous reports project a drastic increase in the number of 55+ homebuyers in the next year and the next decade. This demographic overall has specific needs to accommodate, and builders like Epcon Communities are providing those in projects like The Courtyards at Wesley Chapel.

This community is located in Wesley Chapel, outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. This region offers a number of appealing activities for active adult buyers. Charlotte is home to major sports teams like the Carolina Panthers as well as the outdoor recreation facility U.S. National Whitewater Center, appealing to those with active lifestyles. This community allows the 55+ homebuyer to embrace the activities that the region has to offer with the peace and comfort of the exurbs.

Open kitchens with well-designed storage provide a space for gathering and hosting.

“The Wesley Chapel area, like most areas of the country, was in need of high-end, single-story homes for this 55+ housing demographic,” explained Amy McCormick, the Regional Sale Manager for Epcon Communities.

Epcon’s goal in creating this community in the exurbs was to provide a space for those buyers. This community appeals both to those already in the area that are downsizing and those who may want to move closer to the area to be near family — even if they don’t necessarily want to be in the heart of a bustling city.

The Active Adult Appeal

Many organizations have tried to depict what exactly it is that this demographic is looking for in a home, and perhaps the most comprehensive analysis came from the National Association of Home Builders. Their survey resulted in a breakdown of 55+ homebuyer preferences, revealing some important conclusions.

The data suggests that this generation is looking for energy-efficient features in their homes, and as many people in this demographic are on a fixed income, that could relate directly to the cost savings on utilities. This buyer is also looking for the convenience of single-level living, and tends to be drawn towards walkable, suburban communities.

Energy-efficient features ensure healthy living and allow homeowners peace of mind.

The Courtyards at Wesley Chapel meets these needs. Epcon Communities worked to design a community in a prime location, near to a number of activities, like antique markets and restaurants. The development located in the exurbs features luxury ranch homes providing single-story living options in a low-maintenance community in the exurbs. And for the 55+ buyer that is looking to embrace the outdoors, the community offers walking paths, parks, and scenic ponds. The clubhouse includes an outdoor saltwater swimming pool for warm summer days. The community also includes energy-efficient features to ensure healthy living and allow homeowners peace of mind to age in place.

“Epcon believes in supporting what is good for the environment, our homebuyers, and the communities we serve because it is the right thing to do,” McCormick explained. “For instance, it is important for our buyers to be able to have control over their monthly utility bills. The materials we use to achieve the energy efficiency of our homes help in this regard, as do the Energy Star appliances within.”

Developing Wesley Chapel

Wesley Chapel is a prime location for older buyers who would like to stay in the greater Charlotte area, hence in the exurbs. The region offers unmatched beauty and excellent foliage. To protect these landscapes, many areas in the Carolinas — Wesley Chapel included — have strict tree ordinances. This posed a challenge in developing this community.

“To preserve the beautiful heritage trees in the area, retaining walls needed to be constructed,” detailed McCormick. In addition to efforts to preserve the existing trees, the Epcon team has made their own arboreal contribution; by the end of construction, Epcon Communities will have planted over 1,000 additional trees.

These homes deliver much-needed single-story living to the region for the growing 55+ market segment.

While the setting provides a nice background, the homes within Wesley Chapel each hold a host of features that will have a wide appeal. The exteriors feature cultured stone and brick on every home, each offering a private courtyard. A private space outdoors allows homeowners to connect to nature and each other — or to enjoy nature in solitude.

The open floor plans of the homes offer a universal design that can be adjusted for each buyer’s specific needs. They also allow the design to evolve with the homeowner as they see fit.

Epcon Communities is working on a number of new communities in North Carolina, although The Courtyards at Wesley Chapel is the only one under development in this specific market, but according to McCormick, Epcon is always looking for opportunities to develop new communities in the best Charlotte area locations.