Lavender Courtyard by Mutual Housing to receive a $2.5 million boost from Weinberg Foundation

SACRAMENTO – Mutual Housing California announced today that it has signed an agreement with The Harry and Jeannette Weinberg Foundation for a $2.5 million grant it will use to build a planned LGBTQ-friendly affordable housing community for older adults in midtown Sacramento.

The grant will help close the funding gap for the $18.8-million project at 16th and F streets. If additional financing requests are approved, including a $4.9 million loan application that Mutual Housing has submitted to the National Housing Trust Fund as administered by the state, groundbreaking on the 53-unit Lavender Courtyard by Mutual Housing could take place as soon as the summer of 2019.

“This is a major award,” said Mutual Housing California CEO Roberto Jimenez. “We received approval for the full $2.5 million that we requested. We’ve been dancing around the office ever since.”

Based in Owings Mills, Md., The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation is dedicated to meeting the basic needs of vulnerable people and families experiencing poverty. In 2019, the Foundation will provide approximately $125 million in grants to nonprofits, primarily in the US and Israel, that provide direct services in the areas of housing, health, jobs, education, and community services. Since 1980, the Foundation has distributed grants totaling more than $2.2 billion. One focus of the foundation’s charitable giving has been to help lower-income older adults live independently and with dignity.

With its construction of the Lavender Courtyard community, Mutual Housing California seeks to lessen the isolation and depression that often affects the lives of older LGBTQ adults, especially at lower-income levels. People in this population group are twice as likely to live alone and four times less likely to have children visit or support them. LGBTQ older adults also are at risk for mental and physical abuse in traditional senior-care facilities.

Mutual Housing California recently found strong and continuing support to build the planned Lavender Courtyard community on the land the nonprofit affordable housing developer acquired in 2015:

In 2016, the Sacramento City Council approved – and is now poised to recommit – $2.78 million in locally administered federal funds for Lavender Courtyard. The Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency, meanwhile, is set to reauthorize Mutual Housing’s application to the California Debt Limit Allocation Committee that would allow the city to issue $11.5 million in tax-exempt bonds to be used for construction financing.

“If we get the National Housing Trust Fund financing,” Jimenez said, “then we have substantially filled the gap to make Lavender Courtyard a reality.”

An announcement from the California Department of Housing and Community Development regarding Mutual Housing’s application with the National Housing Trust Fund is expected in December.

About Mutual Housing California

Founded in 1988, Mutual Housing California develops, operates and advocates for sustainable housing for the diversity of the region’s households. More than 3,600 people – nearly half of them children – live in Mutual Housing communities. Mutual Housing is a member of NeighborWorks® America, a congressionally chartered nonprofit organization that supports community development nationwide.