Pardee Homes Builds Distinctly Designed Homes at Altis

The new active adult community of Altis incorporates the best home and community designs to meet the needs of today’s 55+ buyers

By Brianna Fries
Photos Courtesy of Christopher Mayer

California’s Inland Empire is growing thanks to the ever-present needs of the nation’s homebuyers. One of the latest additions to the landscape of Beaumont, Calf. is the outstandingly designed 55+ community of Altis.

The product of a longstanding (40 years, give or take) relationship between the architecture and design firm of Bassenian Lagoni and homebuilder Pardee Homes, Altis is a 55+ master-planned community that has been crafted to match its locale while simultaneously meeting the needs and wants of potential active adult homebuyers. When this development is fully completed, it will host a total of 704 uniquely designed homes on 118 acres.

The creation of Altis did not come without its challenges for both Bassenian Lagoni and Pardee Homes. They were producing a large active adult community that sought to meet the demands of seasoned buyers who know what they are looking for. Thankfully, the challenges that they encountered did not slow them down in the least.

According to Matt Sauls, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development for Pardee Homes, “The 55+ buyer is experienced in homebuying… Developers need to connect and engage with these buyers and offer customizable home features, community amenities, and essential services such as groceries, healthcare, and banks. Offering close proximity to authentic and diverse urban settings and convenient access to dining, entertainment, transportation, and other options that make a community seem central to one’s life, is a key connector for them.  We looked at these things as less of challenge and more of an opportunity to learn how to better engage with these influential buyers. Our goal for Altis was to use local data and offer a more boutique and curated approach to differentiate and offer what our local buyers want, such as fresh, modern designs, energy-efficient features, and open, personalized floor plans.”

What is more, the project’s architecture firm was able to face the reality dealing with a smaller lot size head-on, with a beautiful and luxurious end result.

“We had approved lot sizes for conventional single-family development,” Anderle explained. “We created exhibits that demonstrated that existing city setback requirements did not allow us to design the kind of home deserving of this buyer on the 50’ x 77’ lots (smaller rear and side yards, reduced front driveway). The result was a gain of two feet in width and eight feet in depth, which gave us the space to create the sense of luxury at a smaller scale for the lot size.

The design of this community and the homes it provides certainly rose to the challenge that the Inland Empire’s changing demographics raised. From its strategic location in Beaumont, to the easy access it provides residents to world-class vacation and entertainment spots, to the unique styles of the homes, Altis meets, and dare we say, exceeds, the expectations of potential active adult homebuyers.

Designing for Demand

When designing the homes featured at Altis, Bassenian Lagoni sought to meet the progressive qualities of today’s active adult buyers, including their higher level of activity, their forward-looking lifestyle and aesthetics, and more. They were able to meet these needs by designing homes in a series of styles including the softer silhouettes of the Modern California style, the reinterpreted and fresher midcentury modern style seen in the New Century Modern style, and the Modern Spanish style with its recognizable Spanish details and clean lines.

Keeping several distinctive homestyles in mind, Bassenian Lagoni designed the homes at Altis to blend effortlessly with their Central California setting. The homes of Altis range from 1,473 square feet to 3,094 square feet on four different lot configurations. Potential buyers can choose from a total of 12 home designs with each layout tailored to meet the needs of the 55+ demographic while incorporating sustainable landscaping, upscale, comfortable indoor/outdoor social spaces, luxury community retreats, and low-maintenance needs.

Some of the notable home designs featured at Altis are the Vita, Avid, Mira, and Elan home collections. Each of these plans makes the most of a smaller lot size while providing residents with an uninhibited sense of luxury.

The Vita Plan 3, for example, provides 1,682 square feet of living space, which maximizes the smallest of four lot programs. With a hospitable arrival porch, floor to ceiling glazing, corner glass, and window groupings, this plan generates progressive ambience, and optimizes space-expanding light and views. The Vita plan also features extra storage, a walk-in pantry, thoughtful bath design in the master suite, and a striking roof and decorative elements, which evoke a New Century Modern style.

On the other side of the spectrum, Bassenian designed the Elan Plan 3 to offer a total of 2,955 square feet on a 50-foot by 105-foot lot space. This plan’s ceiling volumes, sequenced focal points, and through-plan views highlight its open-concept core. Potential residents can enjoy Prairie and Spanish exterior architecture styles along with interior luxuries such as the plans private vestibule, which enhances the entry to the master suite, extra storage space, and other details.

These and other Bassenian Lagoni designed plans seek to meet the architecture firm’s goal of creating compelling, progressive aesthetics for both exterior and interior spaces in a 55+ enclave that is located within a larger, established master-planned community.

As Anderle explains, “Compact homesites and targeted pricing influenced all concepts. Superlative function and notable aesthetics were created that honored the realities of today’s marketplace while delivering the design excitement of a new home. View-focused designs make spaces live larger by bringing natural light, pleasing views, and outdoor access to every design.”

To top it all off, the community of Altis includes a host of unique amenities for residents to enjoy. Examples of this include the VuePoint clubhouse with its kitchen, BBQ bars, firepit terrace, and more; the 1,200 square foot Butterfly Shade Structure with integrated sound system and mountain views, the 16,000 square foot residents’ club; and more. Altis caters to the socially active lifestyle of today’s 55+ buyer while also accommodating their desire for connectivity and a walkable community.

Keeping Green in Mind

Along with the aesthetically unique and pleasing home designs offered at Altis, potential residents can also enjoy knowing that their homes include notable energy-efficient features, all provided by the comprehensive LivingSmart® program.

“The program seamlessly blends the design, development, construction, and operation of these high-performing homes to provide healthier, more comfortable living environments with lower operating costs.” Sauls said. “LivingSmart® includes five specific areas of advancement: HealthSmart®, EnergySmart™, EarthSmart®, WaterSmart® and HomeSmart™.”

Residents can enjoy energy-efficient heating, low-VOC interior paint, energy-efficient appliances and in-home Wi-Fi technology options with the LivingSmart® program.

A Partnership That Breeds Success

Whether it is the walkable nature of the Altis community, the incredible design of the different homes, the beautiful landscape of Beaumont with its views of the San Gorgonio Mountains, or other details, Altis is drawing the active adult community to it. Much like the partnership between Bassenian Lagoni and Pardee, Altis proves that putting the best details together in a 55+ community can breed an unequivocal success.

Brianna Fries is the Editor of Builder and Developer Magazine. She can be reached at

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