Construction Starts on Embattled Senior Housing Project

Bear Creek Commons in West St. Petersburg, Florida has created affordable senior residents with monthly rent starting as low as $300. These newly built households will feature 85 one- and two-bedroom units for those who earn less than 80% of the area median income (AMI). Of those, 18 are for seniors making 30% or less of the AMI, with 48 capped at 60% or below.

According to Catalyst, Bear Creek will feature a game room, art hall, gazebo, and onsite support staff. Welch stressed the importance of overcoming the stigma associated with affordable housing and called the development another example of clean, safe, and well-managed homes “that anyone would want to live in.”

Councilmember Copley Gerdes now represents the area and believes Bear Creek is a “transformative project” for the city’s west side. He added that the groundbreaking highlights what can happen when people work together towards a common goal.

When the mayor was elected, and he created his pillars, one of the things he talked about all the time was opportunities for all,” Gerdes said. “And this is really what that is. If you are really going to do what you preach, then you’ve got to stick your neck out.” -Councilmember Copley Gerdes

To receive Bear Creek Commons’ application notices, visit the website here.