Aging in Place Design

Low-Cost Senior Design Features Make It Easier to Age in Place

Aging makes life more difficult than it should be and architects are finding that older clients will not admit their vulnerabilities within their homes. Elements of home: stairs, hallways, showers, lighting and floor plans all play into comfortable living. If one of them is too small, or too high it makes doing daily tasks a lot harder. But, there are low-cost features that are easier to incorporate into new home designs and even remodels. So these features include: having ramps in entry ways, wide doors and hallways, and zero-clearance showers.

According to Daily Herald, most Americans, according to research, want to age gracefully in their own homes. For many, though, illness, injury or simply the effects of aging make that difficult, if not impossible.

Stairs become harder to climb, lights seem dimmer and bathing becomes difficult as well as dangerous. Yet, architects routinely find that older clients don’t care to admit to their vulnerability. Their general attitude seems to be, “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, and then there’s always assisted living.”

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