Older Adults Embracing Technology, AARP Reports

It was found in an AARP survey that those 50 plus are just as likely as the younger generations to embrace technology via smartphone, tablet or other device. According to the national survey conducted in the fall of 2023, nearly nine out of 10 American (89% of those 50-plus and 90% of those 18-49) own a smart phone, with 75% owning a TV and 59% with a tablet.

Though overall tech spending dropped from $912 per person in 2022 to $798 in 2023, purchases for those in their 60s and 70s actually rose with 69% of adults over 50 buying at least one tech product.

According to AARP, Many Americans say they want to remain in their homes as they age, although use of smart home devices to help enable that remains relatively flat.

About 33% of respondents use security devices, and 32% use Wi-Fi extenders in their homes. Nearly half (46%) of older adults indicated they were aware of smart home devices for lighting and appliances connected to Wi-Fi that can be operated remotely, but 47% were not interested in buying them.

Some respondents simply say they don’t need (20%) or aren’t interested (11%) in smart home devices. Others say they are too expensive, don’t trust them, or just prefer more old-fashioned methods of securing their homes.

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